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Barkville Centre: An Honest Dog Bakery

Doggy Daycare Centre Collection

Doggy Daycare Centre Collection

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Celebrating a dog's birthday at a local doggy daycare center is a special way to treat your dog along with your dog's friends. Barkville Centre will work with you to customize mini pupcakes and goody bags filled with our signature peanut butter dog cookies personalized with the names of each of your dog's furry friends. But why should you miss out on the celebratory fun? We'll customize a two-tier cake as well so you can celebrate together after picking up your pooch from the daycare center.

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In case you're wondering

Answers to common questions

What is the shelf life of our treats?

All Barkville Centre treats are preservative-free, so care for yours the same way you would a homemade cookie from your own kitchen. Our recommendation is to feed the treats to your dog ASAP, but if you need to wait a while, refrigerate the treats. They will last between 3-4 weeks as long as they're properly cared for.

Do you ship or deliver?

All Barkville Centre treats are preservative-free, so shipping them isn't in our best interest or yours. We do, however, deliver to all addresses within ten miles of zip code 11570.

Which dyes does Barkville Centre use?

Barkville Centre uses the following fruit and vegetable powders to achieve various colors. Beet root powder (pink), carrot powder (orange), turmeric (yellow), wheat grass powder (green), blueberry powder (blue and purple), and carob powder (brown).

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