Barkville Centre is a cherished family-owned dog bakery, dedicated to crafting organic, preservative-free, small-batch, personalized dog treats that match your canine companion's uniqueness. Our commitment to wholesome ingredients and delightful flavors sets our treats apart and infuses our kitchen with the delightful aroma of love and care, ensuring each treat is a tail-wagging delight.

Recognizing that every dog is special, we offer a range of treat options, from our popular treat bags, available for convenient online ordering, to custom cakes, cookies, and pies for any event. We're here to turn every moment with your pup into a celebration!

Barkville Centre is not just a bakery—it's where the love for dogs and the art of baking come together. Order today to share in the joy of treating your dog to something truly special from Barkville Centre.

Our Leadership Team

Woman standing with whiskand rolling pin in a white kitchen

Meet Kathryn, the heart and soul behind Barkville Centre. As the founder, CEO, and head baker, her passion for dogs is the driving force behind every delicious creation. Kathryn's culinary journey began with a pastry certificate from the renowned French Culinary Institute on Grand Street in New York City, a testament to her dedication to mastering the art of delicious confections. By fusing this culinary knowledge with her love of dogs and by ensuring that every confection is crafted with the utmost care and integrity, Kathryn has become a culinary champion for all furry friends within the Rockville Centre, NY area.

Kathryn's decision to establish Barkville Centre in 2022 is a testament to her unwavering love for dogs and her desire to create and expand her own sense of community within the Rockville Centre area. Her Texan roots add an authentic touch to the warmth and hospitality she extends to every furry friend and their human parents. Kathryn's genuine gratitude for her repeat customers is a reflection of the trust and connection she builds through Barkville Centre. You can taste the dedication in every treat she lovingly prepares for dogs of all shapes and sizes.


Meet Jasper, our Chief Tasting Officer (CTO) at Barkville Centre. At just two years old, this curious and playful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel embodies joy and loyalty. Jasper's days are filled with boundless happiness, whether he's playfully exploring the world around him or indulging in his favorite pastime—napping in laps.

As our resident connoisseur, Jasper takes his role seriously, tasting and approving all of Barkville Centre's delectable creations. His discerning palate and wagging tail are the true indicators of the quality and deliciousness we strive for in every treat. Jasper's loyalty to the mission of bringing joy to our furry customers is evident in the enthusiasm he brings to his title as CTO. His infectious happiness is a constant inspiration, ensuring that every treat from Barkville Centre is crafted with the same playful spirit that Jasper embodies.

Headshot of a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Smiling young girl holding a dessert in her hand and with whipped cream on her nose

Say hello to Vivienne, our Chief Spending Officer (CSO) at Barkville Centre. Vivienne, with her endearing silliness and boundless courage, is a delightful force on the leadership team of Barkville Centre. Further, as the apple of our eye, she brings an unparalleled joie de vivre to our beloved dog bakery.

Beyond her financial know-how, Vivienne boasts an advanced palate, one that rivals even the most discerning human connoisseurs. Her helpful nature extends to leading the charge in suggesting creative and pawsitively delightful ways to spend our profits. Vivienne's unique blend of silliness, courage, and culinary finesse makes her an integral part of Barkville Centre's commitment to crafting treats that capture the hearts and taste buds of our furry customers.


Meet Bill, our Chief Everything Else Officer (CEEO) at Barkville Centre. Bill is not just an integral part of our leadership team; he's the backbone that keeps everything running smoothly. Despite the high demands of his own successful career, Bill graciously steps in whenever a need arises, showcasing his unwavering commitment and love for Barkville Centre.

Adored, respected, and loved, Bill is more than just a partner—he's a pillar of support for our dog bakery. Beyond his professional prowess, Bill is an amazing husband and father, bringing his warmth and care to both his family and the Barkville Centre community. His presence is a testament to the kind of person anyone would want on their company's leadership team, embodying the perfect blend of expertise, love, and a willingness to go above and beyond for the success of Barkville Centre and the culinary happiness of our furry friends.

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